Teatree Tells Online Training

Teatree Tells: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit is a safety education program for increasing the personal safety of pre-school children by promoting prevention and early identification of child sexual abuse. It helps early childhood educators address the sensitive subject of child sexual abuse with families and children from four to six years of age. The fun, age-appropriate lessons include an engaging animal character that teaches children how to be safe. Topics include identifying a safe adult, identifying feelings, naming body parts, establishing personal boundaries, and okay and not okay touching. It is part of a personal safety program called Kids in the Know (KIK).

The Teatree Tells online training is designed to assist early childhood educators with successful implementation of Teatree Tells: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit. Users can view the modules in the online training at their own pace to learn about:

How does the training work?

  1. The Teatree Tells online training comes with an introductory presentation about child sexual abuse that explains the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Canada and underscores the importance of teaching child personal safety skills. This introductory presentation includes five modules, totalling 104 minutes, meant to be completed before viewing the Teatree Tells online training.
  2. The Teatree Tells online training is delivered through one 18-minute module.
  3. Modules can be completed in one or multiple sittings from a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet.*

* While we use reasonable efforts to ensure the platform is compatible with common devices and operating systems, we cannot guarantee that a particular computer or device will be compatible with the platform. If your computer or device is not compatible, please let us know and we will either address the problem or issue the applicable refund.

How much does the training cost?

The Teatree Tells online training is available free of charge to early childhood educators who own or are employed by an entity who owns Teatree Tells: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit. Obtaining a kit is mandatory in order to undertake the online training.*

* Notwithstanding, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (the “Canadian Centre”) reserves the right to refuse or terminate access to anyone at any time, at its sole discretion. Access to the training will not be granted until the Canadian Centre has satisfactorily confirmed that the individual or entity in question owns Teatree Tells: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Kit. If there is a dispute in this regard, the records of the Canadian Centre shall be taken as accurate and shall govern.

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How do I get started?

Early childhood care centres can contact us at 1-800-532-9135 for more information on how to access the online training.