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Protecting Children in Public Spaces

With the support of C3P, cities across Canada are working to enhance children’s safety at city-run facilities, such as pools, libraries, and recreation centres.

Who is it for?

All Canadians

How does it work?

With support from C3P, cities implement a plan to first examine and then enhance safety protocols, reporting procedures, and staff training at city-run facilities to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

The initiative also targets facility users through printed media that encourages people to notify staff of unusual behaviour, such as taking pictures of children without permission, phones/cameras in change rooms, or other actions that make a reasonable observer uncomfortable.

How does it support child safety?

Through the operation of, C3P witnesses on a daily basis the behaviour of individuals who want to harm and find new tactics to exploit children. By taking proactive steps to create protective environments for children, participating cities are leading the country by enhancing measures to prevent child sexual victimization in public facilities.

What cities are doing this?

  • The City of Winnipeg
  • The City of New Westminster

Interested in working with C3P to make your public facility safer for children? Contact us.

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