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Commit to Kids

A step-by-step resource guide to help reduce the risk of child sexual abuse within child-serving organizations.

Who is it for?

Child-serving Organizations

What does it do?

Sex offenders often intentionally target child-serving organizations to obtain employment or volunteer positions to gain access to and exploit children. The Commit to Kids program helps organizations highlight strengths and gaps in their policies, manage risks, create a child protection code of conduct, review hiring, supervising, and monitoring practices, and establish reporting procedures for misconduct and sexual abuse concerns.

How does it support child safety?

According to research, 1 in 10 Canadians reported being sexually victimized before they turned 18.i In the majority of child sexual abuse cases, the offender was known to the child.ii

Child-serving organizations need to better understand the issue of sexual abuse beyond common duty to report training and criminal record checks. Building employees’/volunteers’ awareness of child sexual abuse and how they can help mitigate this risk is the first step in protecting children in their care.


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