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June 8, 2010

Winnipeg, MB: The summer break from school is fast approaching and for children this means more time spent playing outdoors doing such things as riding their bike, playing at the park or swimming at a community pool. To help keeps kids safe this summer, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection is encouraging parents to visit for a fun and interactive way to teach their children about the buddy system.

The Billy Brings his Buddies program, sponsored by Honeywell, has several online games and downloadable activities to help parents teach their kids the valuable lesson of always having another individual, a "Buddy," accompany them when they are going places.

"There is safety in numbers! Discussing with your child the importance of bringing a buddy along is an important summer safety strategy," says Lianna McDonald, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. "As parents, we all have to be more vigilant and take steps throughout the year to reinforce personal safety strategies with our kids. The Billy Brings his Buddies program is a fun and easy way for parents to do that."

In each of the last four years the Canadian Centre and Honeywell have distributed more than 12,000 copies of a Buddy System Grade One Teacher Kit to schools across Canada. Safety strategies need to be continually reinforced with kids, so it's incredibly valuable for both parents and teachers to educate kids about the Buddy System and other important child safety strategies. For additional safety strategies and activities, visit the Canadian Centre's Kids in the Know website:


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