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Canadian Centre for Child Protection announces new public awareness campaign with support from CIBC

WINNIPEG, 24 June 2009: Get your kids where they're going. That's the message the Canadian Centre for Child Protection is sending to parents in a provocative new campaign released today. The advertising prompts parents to ask themselves important questions about their own children's personal safety. The goal of the campaign is to remind parents of the major role they play in ensuring children reach their full potential - growing up smart, strong and safe.

The pan-Canadian campaign, developed with the support of CIBC, will include billboards and television and radio advertisements and is being released this week to coincide with the start of summer holidays - a time when children spend more time participating in unstructured activities and go on trips outside of their normal environments.

"Summer is an exciting time for children, but it also brings with it risks. Families travel to unfamiliar places, older children are often left on their own during the days and younger children spend more time outdoors, often unsupervised," said Lianna McDonald, Executive Director. "While these are healthy experiences for children, parents need to realize there can be dangers, so that they can, in turn, educate their children."

Recent Canadian cases also underscore the need for parents to be vigilant and involved in talking to their children about personal safety. Being mindful of situations and behaviour that seem odd and trusting those instincts can greatly assist in the protection of children.

"The protection of children is such an important issue and this campaign will help to raise awareness of the Centre and their critical work in safeguarding our children all across Canada," said Christina Kramer, Executive Vice-President, CIBC Retail Markets. "Helping youth achieve their full potential is a pillar of our community investment program and CIBC has long been committed to the well-being of children. We are especially proud to support the Canadian Centre for Child Protection in their efforts to keep children safe. "

Parents are encouraged to visit to gather more information on keeping kids safe. The public can view tips from the Centre's Kids in the Know program for increasing the personal safety of children and reducing their risk of sexual exploitation. Safety strategies at are age specific and developmentally appropriate.

For more information or to access prevention materials and educational programs parents/guardians can call the Canadian Centre toll-free at 1-800-532-9135 or visit the Centre's website at

If you are a member of the media and would like to arrange an interview with one of our spokespeople please contact our communications team:

Communications, Canadian Centre for Child Protection

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