MECC 2017 Speakers

Attend the MECC 2017 and learn from professionals leading their field in missing and exploited children and the lessons learned on the ground in recent high profile cases. Click on the titles below to learn more.

  • Keynote Speaker

    Sarah’s Story: An ‘Unbelievable’ Account of Years of Organized Abuse

    Dr. Michael Salter is a criminologist based at Western Sydney University. Over the last 10 years, he has specialized in the study of organised abuse and complex trauma. His book Organised Sexual Abuse (Routledge, 2013) provides an in-depth account of the lives of adult survivors of multi-perpetrator, multi-victim child sexual abuse. In 2016, he was an expert advisor to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and consults for state, national and international organizations. Dr. Salter will share the story of ‘Sarah’, a survivor and the impetus for his work. He will then discuss his ongoing research with adult survivors, emphasising what they can teach us about contemporary challenges in identifying and responding to child sexual exploitation.

  • Expert Speakers

    Dr. Michael Bourke

    Dr. Michael Bourke is the Chief Psychologist with the U.S. Marshals Service and an expert in criminal profiling. Formerly a clinical psychologist and polygraph examiner, he has extensive experience in psychological analyses of offenders, training officers in interview techniques, and researching the risks of future offenses. Dr. Bourke’s session will provide critical insight into the mind of the child sexual predator.

    Dr. Joyanna Silberg

    Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D. is the Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore Maryland and the Executive Vice-President of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence. Her psychotherapy practice specializes in children and adolescents suffering from dissociative symptoms and disorders, and her forensic practice specializes in child sexual abuse. In this presentation Dr. Silberg will show common mistakes often made in the assessment of sexual abuse based on misunderstandings of how to assess evidence of abuse, and misconceptions about the prevalence of false accusations. These types of errors often occur in the context of custody situations where allegations of children and protective parents are viewed as strategies instead of signs and symptoms of abuse.

  • Project Rx: Rescuing a Missing Youth from Human Trafficking

    This case study examines an undercover operation and investigation named Project Rx by the Toronto Police Human Trafficking Enforcement Team (HTET). Project Rx started with a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children connected to a Part VI wire-tap authorization to intercept the private communications of gang members in Regent Park.

    This presentation will highlight the challenges members of the HTET faced in rescuing a missing 17-year-old girl from exploitation in the sex trade. It will also highlight the extensive issues of victim support and management to ensure a successful prosecution.

    This case will be presented by:

    Detective Constable Teresa Curtis, Toronto Police Service

    Detective Constable Teresa Curtis has been an officer with the Toronto Police Service for 16 years. She has worked as a front line uniform officer and as a plainclothes investigative officer, with duties including investigating sexual assaults, child abuse, child sexual assaults, domestic violence and cold case homicides. D/C Curtis has been a member of the Sex Crimes Human Trafficking Enforcement Team for three years and has been involved in several projects that have led to the successful prosecution of human traffickers. She has assisted in offender management, obtaining statements and is a specialist in dealing with the unique challenges of victim management.

  • When Offenders Find the Gaps: Five Kids, Two Provinces, and a Heinous Story of Abuse

    In January 2014, an undercover police officer in Australia emailed with a father in Canada who had posted images of his abuse of his daughter on a website known to host child pornography. The offender, D.C., offered to custom-make photographs of his sons for the officer.

    With the children in imminent risk of harm, the Winnipeg Police Service was notified. The Child Abuse Unit opened an investigation and arrested the offender on January 26. It was only due to police action that his children were rescued from his abuse. The resulting police investigation and prosecution unveiled disturbing evidence of D.C.’s manipulation of his children and the systems designed to protect them.

    This case will be presented by:

    Senior Crown Attorney Jennifer Mann

    Jennifer Mann is a senior Crown Attorney and has been working at Manitoba Justice since 1997.

    Patrol Sergeant Jackie Chaput

    A 20-year member of the Winnipeg Police Service, P/Sgt. Jackie Chaput has worked in Uniform Operations, the Traffic Unit, the Public Information Unit as media spokesperson, the Sex Crimes Unit, and the Child Abuse Unit. Patrol Sergeant Chaput completed three years in the Child Abuse Unit in 2015 and is currently assigned to the Central Processing Unit. She has two adult children and currently volunteers as the manager/coordinator of the local food bank in a rural Manitoba community where she resides.

  • Routine Traffic Stop or Stopping Child Trafficking? Interdiction for the Protection of Children

    How can you more effectively identify victims of child exploitation and trafficking during a seven-minute traffic stop? Are there indicators you might be missing? Major Jeoff Williams from the Texas Department of Public Safety will present an innovative program designed to combat all types of child victimization during roadside encounters. He will share techniques that can be coupled with routine police practices to significantly increase the likelihood of identifying victimized children and their offenders. The workshop will feature examples of cases where officers used these interdiction techniques to rescue children.

    This program will be presented by:

    Major Jeoff Williams

    With more than 25 years of combined military and law enforcement experience, Jeoff Williams leads and supervises the operations of Special Agents investigating Drug Trafficking Organizations, Transnational Gangs, and Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex and all of northeast Texas. Most recently he was selected to lead the deployment of the state’s first human trafficking squad. He has successfully established numerous professional relationships with local, state, and federal agencies around the country. He has testified before the Texas legislature as an expert witness regarding the subject of human trafficking. He volunteers for National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and is an active executive board member for the New Friends New Life Men’s Advocacy Group. Both are highly regarded charity organizations committed to the protection, prevention, and provision of relief to victims of exploitation and human trafficking.

  • Responding to Child Abductions

    This session will be presented by the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Team for investigators responding to the potential stranger abduction of a child. This course is designed to provide the critical initial actions to law enforcement professionals responding to these events. Supervisory Special Agents Joshua Wilson and Mark MacKizer will provide case examples and discuss the FBI’s Child Abduction Response Plan (CARP), offender characteristics, victimology, and best practices.

    This program will be presented by:

    Supervisory Special Agent Joshua Wilson

    SSA Joshua Wilson is a 13 year veteran of the FBI. SSA Wilson has worked Violent Crimes Against Children matters for almost his entire Bureau career. SSA Wilson currently serves as the Coordinator of the FBI’s national Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Team at FBI Headquarters.

    Supervisory Special Agent Mark MacKizer

    SSA Mark MacKizer is a 25 year veteran of the FBI. SSA MacKizer has worked Violent Crime matters for the majority of his Bureau career and currently serves as a profiler in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit-3, for Crimes Against Children.

  • TRiP: Early Interventions for At Risk Youth

    The Regina intersectoral Partnership (TRiP) is a multi-sector, collaborative, risk-driven initiative designed to improve community safety and well-being. TRiP focuses its coordinated services to reduce pro-social and system barriers, increase school engagement and attendance, and ultimately reduce vulnerability of children and their families.

    TRiP will provide information on their history, including how to engage multiple stakeholders, best practices and research; followed by development and design stages; and finally, details on the functioning process inclusive of intake and referral components.

    This program will be presented by:

    Lance Dudar, TRiP Coordinator

    Lance Dudar spent 28 years with the Regina Police Service serving in many capacities: Patrol Division, Traffic Division, Detention Unit, Strategic Services, school resource officer, Community Service Centre, recruiting officer, watch commander, inspector i/c Central Operations, human resource manager, and superintendent i/c of Community Services Division. As one of the founding members of The Eleven and Under Initiative, it was a natural transition on his retirement from the Regina Police Service in January 2015 to move into the coordinators role.

    Wendy Stone, Regina Police Service, Crime Prevention Strategist

    Beginning in 1997, Wendy Stone worked for Saskatchewan’s Department of Justice on a national review of Victim Impact Statement programs and a provincial assessment of Restorative Justice and Alternative Measures programming. In 1999, Ms. Stone became the provincial coordinator of the Community Mobilization Program with the National Crime Prevention Centre. In 2001, she started with the Regina Police Service as the crime prevention strategist.

  • Project Mercury: Uncovered

    This case study examines a child sexual exploitation project that led to multiple arrests in three countries and involved cross-border investigative and prosecutorial partnerships. In January 2015, an offender was arrested in the United Kingdom for sexually abusing a child. When investigators found the abuse had been streamed live online to an offender in Toronto (among others), Toronto Police were notified. After an undercover officer made contact and the offender streamed child pornography to the officer, the offender was arrested. The investigation spiraled, leading to the rescues of a six-year-old boy in Pennsylvania and an eight-year-old from Saskatchewan, both of whom were being abused.

    These presenters will speak to the offending environment, technological and legal challenges, and the high-risk nature of these targets who are using web conferencing technologies to covertly meet and share live abuse. Topics covered will include lawful access, cross-border information sharing (post Wakeling) and the continuing debate about expectations of privacy in cyberspace (Pellucco/ Craig vs. Marakeh & Jones).

    This case study will be presented by:

    Allison Dellandrea, Counsel, Crown Law Office, Criminal; Education Lead, Ontario Provincial Strategy on Internet Crimes Against Children

    Allison Dellandrea is the education lead for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s Provincial Strategy on Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) offences. In this capacity, Ms. Dellandrea delivers training across Canada to law enforcement, counsel, and the judiciary on emergent legal issues arising from technology-facilitated offences. Ms. Dellandrea prosecutes at both the trial and appellate level. Ms. Dellandrea is a member of the Crown Law Office – Criminal Search Team, the Attorney General of Ontario’s Task Force on Internet Crimes Against Children, and the International Association of Prosecutors’ Cybercrime Group.

    Detective Constable Janelle Blackadar, Toronto Police Service, Child Exploitation Section

    Janelle Blackadar is a police officer for the Child Exploitation Section of the Toronto Police Service and a member of the Ontario Provincial Strategy to Combat Child Exploitation. D.C. Blackadar conducts various Internet child exploitation investigations, but specializes as an online undercover officer acting in an undercover capacity both as a child and as an offender. D.C. Blackadar has been conducting online undercover investigations since 2007 and has been teaching at a national and international level since 2008.

    Corporal Jared Clarke, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Saskatchewan ICE Unit

    Cpl. Clarke has been an officer with the RCMP for 12 years, and has been a member of the Internet Child Exploitation Unit for the past five years. Cpl. Clarke conducts both peer-to-peer investigations and online covert communication investigations, specializing in the latter. His expertise has resulted in successful prosecution of those cases, and more importantly has resulted in the identification and rescue of over a dozen child victims from their abusers.

    Special Agent Austin Berrier, Homeland Security Investigations

    Austin Berrier has been a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations since January of 2003. Prior to his time with the U.S. Government, he was a Deputy with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia and a Military Policeman in the United States Marine Corps. SA Berrier has been investigating crimes against children for approximately six years, both in an undercover capacity as well as traditional investigations.