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Video Read-Along Storybook: Big Feelings Come and Go

Sometimes when we’re worried, mad, or scared we get big feelings in our bodies. This video series from the storybook Big Feelings Come and Go teaches kids about freeze, flight and fight, and what to do to help them manage their big feelings.

Part 1: Freeze

Part 2: Flight

Part 3: Fight

Part 4: Settled

You can also download a digital copy of Big Feelings Come and Go, or order a printed version.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc. (“C3P”) has made available the above digital adaptation of Big Feelings Come and Go (the “Book”) to be watched by children and adults in person. You may share the link to the digital adaptation on your social media, your own website or on any other online platform for the sole purpose of promoting/spreading awareness about the Book, provided that it is clear that:

  • Neither you, nor any organization you may be connected to,* are affiliated with or endorsed by the C3P or New Directions.
  • Neither you, nor any organization you may be connected to,* owns or had any part in the creation of the digital adaptation of the Book or any other materials on any C3P website.
  • In the post that includes the link, you do not use any disparaging words to describe the Book, C3P or New Directions.
  • Clicking on the link will take the user to another site.

If you wish to do anything else other than what is permitted above, please contact us.

* By way of example and not limitation, you are considered connected to an organization if you are an employee, volunteer, sole proprietor, officer, director or shareholder of such organization.

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