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“Letters From Home” shares messages to missing children from their families

May is Missing Children’s Month

For Immediate Release

Winnipeg, MB: The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (Canadian Centre) will be sharing “Letters From Home” throughout the month of May to mark Missing Children’s Month. These messages, from moms, dads, and siblings who are searching for a missing child, are heart-wrenching:

“I’m writing this letter with a broken heart but not a broken spirit.”
“Never think that we abandoned you… we never gave up hope that we will see you again someday.”
“It’s been so long since we last saw each other. I know you probably don’t remember me but I want you to know that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.”

The Canadian Centre’s caseworkers support the families of missing children every day – several families have opted to participate in the campaign. is asking everyone to take the time to read and share these letters as they are posted throughout May, in hopes that families will be reunited.

“These families have been suffering through the unimaginable and they have sent these beautiful and personal messages with us to share with the world, because they are desperately hoping we will all rally behind them and send their words as far and wide as we are able,” said Christy Dzikowicz, Director of “It is the least we can do.”

The campaign was inspired by a letter by Diana Saunders, written to her three boys – Adam, Trevor and Mitchell – who were abducted by their father in 1996. Since the Canadian Centre posted the letter to Facebook it has since been shared more than 10,000 times around the globe – a fact that brings this mom hope that maybe her boys will see it one day.

“My sons can be anywhere in this big world. I was totally overwhelmed with joy by the number of shares and views my letter received,” said Diana Saunders. “It travelled the globe and that gives me hope that perhaps either my sons will see it, or someone that knows them will and show them.”

The Canadian Centre is asking everyone to do two things this Missing Children’s Month:

  1. Share the Letters from Home on Facebook and Twitter

    Follow the Canadian Centre for Child Protection on Facebook and Twitter (@CdnChildProtect) to read the letters that will be posted throughout the month. Knowing others are involved in the search is hugely important to families.

    “It told me that people around the globe have a big caring heart, and that they will try to reunite us by delivering my message and offering prayers,” Saunders said.

    The letters will also be posted at throughout the month.

  2. Sign up for MissingKidsALERT

    MissingKidsALERT deals with the broad spectrum of missing child cases in which public notification and assistance has been deemed valuable. It is a region-specific service that notifies individuals via email when a child is missing in their area. Canadians can sign up for MissingKidsALERT at

    “If only I could hear them call me mom again, my prayers will have been answered,” said Saunders.

Note to media: Audio of Diana’s quote and a selection of images for your use is available here.


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