About Us

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors comprised of volunteers oversees the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. The Board is comprised of individuals from a variety of disciplines, including law enforcement, education, psychology, medicine, law, finance and public service. All Board Directors sit on the board in an individual capacity to provide an independent perspective from their field of expertise and do not represent their organization of employment.

Current Board Directors include:

  • Kathie King, Chair
  • Brian Brown, First Vice Chair
  • Janet Sigurdson, Second Vice Chair
  • Michael Susser, Treasurer
  • Dr. John Wiens, Past Chair
  • Dr. Solange Lavack
  • Dr. Debbie Lindsay
  • Gerry Miller
  • Dr. Laura Mills
  • Scott Naylor
  • Mike Sekela
  • Sue Snider
  • Brian Tario