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April 2016

Canadian Centre for Child Protection
The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a national charity dedicated to the personal safety of all children. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of missing and sexually exploited children while educating the Canadian public about ways to keep children safe.

‘Intimate images’ and the law

Canadian teens are being negatively and seriously impacted by the spread of sexual pictures and the social fallout that often accompanies this activity. These situations can result in isolation, cyberbullying and feelings of powerlessness. In Canada, it’s illegal for any person to share or send an “intimate image” of another person without that person’s consent. If the image involves someone under 18, it may be illegal to share it even if that person gives consent. The law helps deter some youth from engaging in these activities, but what do you do if your teen has already shared an intimate image and is now in distress? walks you through the necessary steps to regain control of the situation.

Parenting tweens and teens in the digital world

It seems like almost every day we see news stories about youth struggling to navigate the complex digital world they spend so much time in. As parents, we’re concerned for our children’s safety and well-being, but we often don’t know where to go for reliable educational resources that can help us understand the issues our children are facing. The recently updated Parenting Tweens and Teens in the Digital World explains the technology youth use, highlights the risks posed by this technology, suggests ways to talk to youth about the issues they might be facing as a result, and provides steps to follow in times of crisis.

Kids in sport

After a long Canadian winter, many children are eager to sign up for their favourite outdoor sports again. But ask yourself: Do you know what your child’s organization does to ensure their environment is a safe one? To find out what questions to ask, read these 3 Steps for Choosing a Child Safe Organization. If your child is involved in a sport organization that does not have child protection policies and procedures in place, tell them about the Commit to Kids – Sport Edition Kit. This kit is designed to inspire all sport organizations to take the necessary steps to provide safe and nurturing environments for the children in their care.

Are you a victim or concerned about someone you know?

If you have had a sexual abuse experience or are concerned about someone in your life, it can be difficult to talk about. Concerns about how others may react, who might find out, being wrong or interfering, etc. can sometimes stop us from speaking up. If you’ve been victimized, please know that it is not your fault. If you have concerns that a child in your life might have been abused or be at risk of abuse, you are responsible for reporting those concerns (not proving them). It is often only through the reporting of concerns that abuse can be uncovered and children protected from harm. If you are a victim of child sexual abuse and would like to speak with a representative from the Canadian Centre, or if you are uncertain of what steps you should or can take, please contact us.

Reducing cyberbullying and exploitation among teens

The issue of cyberbullying is diverse and complex. In response to this growing issue, the Canadian Centre has created two engaging, age-appropriate activity booklets that teach teens about boundaries, healthy relationships, sexual consent, and safe and respectful online behaviour. What’s the Deal? (intended for Grade 7 and 8 students) and It Is a Big Deal (intended for Grade 9 and 10 students) are great resources for starting conversations, and the activities help ensure that your teen understands the risks. Before you give a booklet to your teen to complete, read through it so you’re prepared to answer any questions they might have. Let your teen fill out the booklet on their own, then go over their responses with them to ensure they understand all the concepts.

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